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This Agreement, entered into on the _____day of ________________ between Color Your Dream Farm, Carla DuRand and Linda Palmer, herein referred to as the stallion owner, and __________________________________, herein referred to as mare owner, is for the purchase of one service for the _________ breeding season (March 15 – June 15) to the stallion Zips Super Cowboy, AQHA Reg. #3434332 for the mare ________________________________, Reg. #______________ at $_________.

This service is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Booking Fee:  A non-refundable booking fee of $250.00 is due upon signing of contract. Balance of breeding fee is due prior to first shipment of semen.
  1. Collection and Shipping Fee: Collections will be $250. Shipping is the actual UPS charge and includes an Equine Express shipping container.
  1. Collection: Mare owner agrees to notify breeder at start of mare’s cycle. Semen must be ordered no later than 8 PM Eastern Time, the evening prior to shipment being required. Every effort will be made to accommodate mare owner’s requests, but semen will be shipped on a first come, first served basis, subject to availability. 

Shipping: We are able to collect semen for shipment 7 days a week. UPS priority overnight service will be used Monday through Friday. No airline service available.

Mare owner recognizes that once semen leaves stallion owner’s property, by overnight delivery , stallion owner has no control over delivery and stallion owner is not liable for the failure of semen delivered.

4. Mare: A copy of the mare’s registration papers must accompany the 

Completed, signed contract. If mare is not owned by the individual contracting breeding service, a copy of lease agreement must be supplied.

  • The Mare must be inseminated by a licensed veterinarian. Transported semen paperwork must be completed and returned within the time allotted.

A uterine culture and biopsy will be required if the Mare does not settle after 3 cycles. It is STRONGLY recommended that a uterine culture be done prior to the initial insemination. If the Mare does not settle in the current season after 4 shipments, stallion owner reserves the right to request a substitute mare, or to have the Mare brought to the farm for breeding, in the following year.

Mare owner agrees to diligently try to settle the above named Mare and shall follow the direction and guidance of Stallion owner and Mare owner’s Veterinarian regarding the protocol for utilizing transported cooled semen. If the Mare does not settle, the stallion owner shall be held harmless.

      5. All Veterinary Fees Mare Owners Expense.

  • Mare must be pregnancy checked at 16, 30 and 45-60 days post insemination.

Stallion owner is to be notified immediately with confirmation of pregnancy, or if mare fails to settle or aborts.

Mares must receive Rhinopneumonitis vaccinations and regular worming throughout the entire pregnancy.

  1. Live Foal Guarantee: If the mare aborts the foal, or if the foal resulting from this breeding does not stand and nurse, the mare owner will be entitled to return breeding privileges the following year only; providing all conditions with regard to care of the Mare, as outlined above, have been met. There will be no additional stud fee, however, collection, container and shipping fees apply. Stallion owner must be notified within 48 hours of death. Confirmation must be received from a licensed veterinarian. .

PAINT MARES: If the foal resulting from the breeding of a paint mare is

Solid in color and ineligible for regular registry in the APHA, the mare is entitled to a re-breed at one-half (1/2) the advertised stud fee. If a breeding stock foal advances to the regular registry the balance of the stud fee is due.

7. Additional Terms:

  • If Mare is sold, this contract is only transferable at the Stallion owners’ discretion, and only with the express written permission of the Stallion owner.
  • If Mare dies, or becomes unfit for breeding, substitution may be made, subject to the Stallion owners’ approval. Additional fees may apply if substitution effects any considerations previously awarded.
  • If Stallion dies or becomes unfit for breeding, before the Mare is settled, the balance of the Stallion service fee shall be refunded.
  • A Breeder’s Certificate will be issued for the foal, conceived by this mating, when all Stallion fees and all other expenses (including Veterinarian) have been paid in full; and when Mare has produced a live foal from the mating.

This agreement is subject to the Laws of the State of Pennsylvania. This contract represents the entire agreement between the parties herein. No other agreements, promises, verbal or implied, are included, unless specifically stated in this contract.

Mare Owner or Authorized Agent
Stallion Owner or Authorized Agent
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